Google smartwatch may be launched on October 31

While we had earlier reported about Google working on its own smart watch, the reports have now been backed by new and reliable sources, who claim to have info about the Google smartwatch.


According to sources, Google is indeed working on a watch codenamed as the Gem, which is currently receiving final optimizations and would be announced soon enough. The Google smartwatch is supposed to be based on the Google Now functionality. Interestingly, the watch is supposed to add the Google Glass functionalities also.

The Google Now features with card support like Time to get home, weather, Calendar, alarms, emails, and text messages might be made available directly on the watch. Further the company is said to be working on a powerful battery for the watch to remain active for extended time periods. The watch would use Bluetooth 4.0 with Ultra Low Energy standard to connect with the smartphones.

One interesting aspect of the Google watch would be its connectivity to any smartphone running Android OS, thus making the smart watches from Samsung and Sony redundant. While there is no official date, sources claim that the watch may be launched on October 31, along with the new Android KitKat v4.4.