Google Voice Search for Android gets multi-language support

While Google just added native Hindi support to the mobile voice search on the occasion of India’s Independence Day, the company now has added multi language support.


Google has released an update for the Voice Search for Android with the new version receiving support for multiple languages. Earlier, the users had to change the language settings every time they used a different language. However, after the update, users can switch between the languages without requiring to change the settings.

The new multi-language support feature is available in the Google Search app version 3.6. To add multiple languages, users need to go to Settings -> Search & Now -> Voice -> Languages and then select the required languages. Currently users can only pick 5 languages from the 50 supported languages.

Speaking about the new feature, David Eustis, Software Engineer, Android, said, “For many people out there, speaking just one language isn’t enough. More than half the world’s population speaks two or more languages—and now Google can keep up. With the Google Search app on Android, you can speak in multiple languages and Google will understand you no matter which one you choose. So you can fire off a search for nearby restaurants in English, then dictate a text to your friend in French.”