Handle with care: The new iPad breaks upon falling

The new iPad might be beyond impressive on many counts, but that wouldn’t make it durable, would it? The new iPad with the best screen of all – a retina screen and a thicker body is a pretty fragile piece of technology and you just can’t take chances with it, like its predecessor iPad 2, this iPad too will break if it falls headfirst on the ground.

In the age of waterproof and shock-resistant tablets like the Fujitsu Arrows Tab, it’s pretty sad that Apple hasn’t put in at the very least a Corning Gorilla Glass which was rumored to be part of this iPad. See, there is a good chance that you might, unintentionally drop the iPad but that doesn’t mean you lose the big investment you made on the iPad.

For this purpose, we would advise you to get a protection cover as soon as you get your hands on the iPad. There a variety of covers available in the market. While the Silicone cover is the most stylish and the most popular, our personal favorite is the G-form extreme sleeve.  Spending a bit of extra moolah is advisable when it comes to taking care of your iPad.