Here’s a deep insight into an iPhone thief’s life

Ever had your phone stolen? Yes, if you have had your phone stolen, you would have experience the intermittent rage issues and interminable feeling of hatred for the phone thief. But, while losing a phone is tragic, sometimes funny and really unbelievable incidents come out of it.

The list of amazing stuff happening after the theft of mobile devices is just unending. While last year, a big shipment of Crystal Meth was caught due to a stolen iPad, this year an iPhone was stolen and the thief forgot to turn off the camera upload feature. The victim of the theft instead of getting irritated has started a Tumblr blog with all his updates followed her sarcastic take on things – here’s one.



salam and ahlan-wa-sahlan everybody

to the grand opening of hafid’s very own online shop: hafid’s heartwarming handcrafti hope you’re ready for the ultimate iconic unisex designer fashion piece: the hafi dress. just choose your favorite fabric and prepare for a lifetime of compliments and admiration. special feature: integrated water- and sandproof smartphone pockets for at least 35 smartphones of every size. now hurry up guys and enjoy today’s exclusive opening offer: steal one get one free.

 While the phone theft victim has decided to remain anonymous and hasn’t disclosed many details of the theft, she has already gathered around 14,000 readers! Credit also goes to her sarcastic and innovative writing that follows every post on here Tumblr blog – Life of a stranger who stole my iPhone. The blog has now got a number of people posting as pseudo Hafizs.

Hafiz who lives in Dubai and has been accused by her to be the thief, would be left red-faced when he looks at the blog. The blog is written in such a way that it will be offensive to nobody except Hafiz.

Here’s a peek into the life of Hafiz who seems to be a very stylish guy and too much of a poser for his own sake.

iPhone-thief-2 iPhone-thief-4

The victim of the theft has put in real creativity and she has given this guy the humiliation of his life! With his photo doing the rounds of the net just like any rogue criminal, we are sure that the real Hafiz will surface soon.

If you happen to go to Dubai and run into him, do inform him of  the blog, but do record his reaction and tell us.