Here’s a List of All the New Features & Changes Introduced in MacOS Ventura

Apple just wrapped up its WWDC 2022 event where we saw multiple software releases including iOS 16, iPadOS 16, WatchOS 9 and macOS Ventura, as well as a few hardware ones including Apple’s new M2 chip that will be powering the all-new MacBook Air and a revamped 13-inch MacBook Pro.

Emphasizing on the latest, 13th version of macOS, the macOS Ventura brings in a plethora of new features to Macs including a new Stage Manager tool for improved multi-tasking, updated Spotlight, Mail, Safari and iMessage app, and other continuity features that bring the op

That said, let us take a look at all the new features and changes introduced in macOS Ventura.

The Stage Manager

Kicking things off with Stage Manager, Apple’s newly announced productivity tool which can be accessed from the control centre on both Mac and iPad, lets you automatically organize up to eight open windows on the left side of your screen while keeping an active app front and centre. Whereas you can cycle through a pile of multiple pages relating to a single app by just clicking on it the app’s preview windows


The Stage Manager also lets you arrange multiple open apps into a group that can overlap each other, facilitating a much better multitasking experience.

Improved Spotlight

Spotlight, one of macOS’s very old yet very useful features has also now been updated to provide improved search results along with support for new quick actions such as starting a timer or running a shortcut. The search results now also include images in your photo library that can be searched by location, people, scenes, objects, as well as text inside a photo using Live Text.


Additionally, Spotlight now lets you preview search results by using Quick Look all while using the full window which is great as it helps deliver richer search results with larger images and more text.

Continuity Camera

Probably the most interesting feature that has made its way to macOS Ventura is the Continuity Camera. A new feature which lets you use your iPhone camera and its microphones as a wireless webcam which works with a MagSafe mount that attaches at the top of your Mac or MacBook.


Additionally, Apple also talked about how you can use continuity Camera to enable another feature called Desk View which uses your iPhone ultra-wide camera paired with some very powerful image processing to create a dedicated top-down shot of a desk.

Handoff For FaceTime

With macOS Ventura, Apple is also bringing Handoff to FaceTime which lets you seamlessly transfer calls between your iPhone, iPad, and Mac, which is something that we’ve all wanted at one point time or another.


Updated Safari, Mail & Messages App

Just like iOS and iPadOS 16, macOS Ventura comes with an updated Safari, Mail and iMessage app. Starting from Safari, the newly updated web browser supports Tab Groups, allowing for deeper collaboration. It will also support “Passkeys” a fully password-less credential management solution that can help you login into websites using Touch ID on Macs and Face ID on iPhones and iPad as well as QR codes on a Windows PC.


Meanwhile, the Mail app now offers much better instant suggestions for typos and follow-up emails along with the ability to schedule or delete emails.

Coming to Messages, the updated app now allows users to edit or delete a recently sent message, mark a message as unread and join SharePlay sessions right from Messages.

Last but not least, Apple also revealed a new weather app, Freeform app and a redesigned Settings app for Mac which looks much like the one found on iOS along with new Accessibility features including Live Captions and much more.

Furthermore, the beta version of the new software update is available to download starting from today, Whereas the users will be able to get the stable version of the new update starting from July on all compatible Mac devices which includes all MacBooks and iMacs launched in 2017 and later.