Here’s a smartphone charger that runs on water!

It seems Powertrekk has done with smartphone chargers what we have been trying to do with cars for ages. It has created a water powered USB battery charger, which works with, wait for it, WATER!
Powertrekk-water-charger-1  Seeming straight out of a sci-fi flick, the Powertrekk uses the Hydrogen in water (H2O) and turns it into electricity with tech called FuelCellSticker technogy. A proton exchange membrane (PFMC) sits between the cathode and the anode and when put in contact with water, separates protons from electrons. In case, you missed high-school physics, the electrons then move into a circuit and deliver electric charges for your devices.

Powertrekk-water-charger-2  It charges a 1500 mAh battery in less than an hour. The charger itself is priced at $229 (Rs. 11,490) and the 100 percent recyclable Powerpukk battery pack, which will eventually run out because of the wear and tear is priced at $12 (Rs.600). While this is heck of a price to pay for a charger, it is still a way to show your concern for the environment. Have a look at it in case you have wads of money lying around.