How to hide photos in the Gallery [OnePlus 7 Pro Guide]

Sometimes you want to hide photos from the gallery, but sometimes you also want to hide the entire folder inside the gallery to save from prying eyes. These things are a lot easier on the OnePlus 7 Pro (and the OnePlus 7 as well), it helps you to hide any type of files including photos. If you own one of them, here’s how you can hide photos from the gallery.


Note: This guide also works on any previous OnePlus phones running on OxygenOS.

OxygenOS is a customized Android operating system packed with a lot of features in it. You don’t need to install any third party app to hide the photos, it comes pre-built with the phone.

OnePlus 7 Pro comes with a feature called Lockbox that locks the files you put in, the Lockbox can be found in the File Manager app. Enter the Lockbox and set a PIN to secure it.

Hide photos in the Gallery [OnePlus 7 Pro]

To hide the photos or any kind of files, launch the inbuilt File Manager app on the phone, enter the gallery and select the photos you want to hide.

Tap the three dots on the top right corner, and select the option ‘Move to Lockbox‘, the file will be moved to the Lockbox.

Once you do that, the file will be secured in the Lockbox and can only be viewed from the Lockbox in the File Manager.

To unhide the photo/file, go to the Lockbox and choose the file, tap the three dots on the top and tap ‘Move out‘.




This trick works on previous OnePlus smartphones as well, here’s a video showing you how to hide photos and videos on OnePlus phone.

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