Honor Smart TV confirmed; will focus on R&D instead of price war

After months of rumors and speculations, Honor president George Zhao recently took the stage in China to confirm that the company’s smart TV will be launched in the near future. He confirmed that Honor is working on a smart TV.

During the announcement, Zhao made a few big claims such as the need to revolutionize the TV industry and how the upcoming smart TV from Honor will do the same. Now, in a recent interview, he elaborated on his thoughts regarding the television industry and Honor‘s upcoming product.


He says that the TV industry is in the dire need of Research & Development. He claims that the television was once the hub of information for families, but smartphones have since taken that place. He blames this change on the lack of innovation in the TV industry, especially when compared to the smartphone industry.

Honor President George Zhao says that the upcoming Honor TV will not be competing much in terms of pricing. He added that the company will be investing heavily on the R&D side of things to ensure that they can push out “the future of TV”, which he calls Smart Screens.

Instead of going head to head with competitors in an already saturated market, the company is aiming to expand the market with brand new high-end and innovative options. He hopes that the smart screen will become the emotional center of the family as an audio-visual entertainment center, information-sharing center, control management center and multi-device interaction center.