How about a fiber optic network that gives….512GBPS!

If there is one thing that we can rant in India about, it is slow Internet speeds. The world is so much ahead of us in Internet speeds that we can hardly ever catch up. So, when it comes to Internet speeds what plays a part? Well, lets see. 

What plays a part is firstly the machine you are using and the network you are on. But internet is based upon network. It is based upon these large cables are that are laid under the sea. These fiber optic cables play a large part in influencing the speed you should receive.

So, here’s good news. Researchers in Germany are working on a fiber optic network that will guarantee speeds up to, wait for it…512 GBPS.
Yes, 512 GBPS for real. Germany’s Deutsche Telekom has got a working Fiber cable with 512 GBPS capacity. It comes with capacity to provide 400 GBPS on average. 
Think of how this could revolutionalize the world. It would affect every segment of our life, whether it be medical, professional or personal. Think of how much content could be viewed online. This will also mark the way for a future that will be mostly virtual i.e. on the internet. Do you want it?
If a single optical fibre guarantees that much speed, it means if you lay them side by side, you will get 24.6 TBPS, whoa. This might just be a life changing news. We hope it reaches us soon. Thanks Gizmodo for this wonderful piece of news.