How about a tattoo that notifies you about phone calls?

A new patent has been filed by Nokia which might revolutionize the way we live with mobile phones and take haptic feedback to whole new level. The patent is for ferromagnetic ink tattoo that is able to vibrate based on signals sent from a phone.


Now in the first description of the patent it says that you wear a sort of material that’s attachable to the skin like a patch which can do two things: detect a magnetic field, and emit a vibration.

Nokia-haptic-tattoo-patent  This can be paired with a phone and emit various vibration patterns and this will also enable a user to give a contact a specific pattern, which would enable them to be able to know who is calling without looking at the device, like a custom ringtone.

For this to work, the phone would have to send out a different magnetic field for each action, because the material would associate a different type of vibration with each kind of magnetic field it detects. The vibrations would happen by magnetically manipulating the material.

Sounds great! But this concept can be taken to a further level. Nokia says that the same technology can be deployed in an actual tattoo in which the special ink would be demagnetizing before administering the tattoo and once it is in the skin, the ink would need to be magnetized by an external magnet. This technique would allow for enhanced sensitivity and you would never miss a call.

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