How about water-proofing your mobile device?

You might buy the most expensive phone or tablet out there. But you will still be helpless when it comes to wear and tear.


Take the iPhone 4S for example. You can buy it at a sky-high rate. But in case you happened to get caught in a downpour or just spilled water over it, well god help you.

When it comes to smartphone innovation every company tries to create its own milestone and its own benchmark. One of the most fascinating innovations in the recent times is a waterproof device. These devices are not placed in huge cases like you would imagine but rather they are making waterproofing an everyday device a reality.

Companies have been working at waterproofing since a vey long time. It seems they are finally nearing their goal. But here are some important ones you would need to know:

Fujitsu’s Arrow Tab
– The World’s first waterproof tablet. Built to endure water in case you are a marine biologist who wants to research deep sea ecology and make notes on his tablet or just a kid who wants to tweet from his swimming pool.


Motorola Defy Plus
: Following one the lines of the first Defy, Motorola Defy Plus is even better. It’s dust resistant too.


Nokia’s super-dry technology
: Nokia has put in efforts to create super-dry phones, which will let your phone be dry even if you are soaking wet. How this works is they create two Tiles with waterproofing chemicals inside your phone. When water comes into contact with your phone, it just slides off the surface.

HZOHZO is our favorite. It was shown off at CES. They actually dipped iPhones ad Samsung Galaxy SIIs into tubs of water and they survived. The buzz is that Samsung is in talks with them to create waterproof devices.


  has shown off a similar technology  at the MWC. Here’s a video demo –

Waterproof devices are the first steps towards making smartphones and tablets the most commonplace gadgets. They are a part of smartphones’ evolution. Someday, we hope every gadget that we use is waterproof.