How to activate One-handed operation on Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro [Guide]

Usually, smartphones having larger than 5-inch screen may be difficult to use with one hand. We recently got the 6-inch Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro smartphone and found out that it is difficult to use it in one hand. If you already own the device and plan to use it with just one hand, you probably have to use its built-in one-hand mode feature unless you have very long fingers to cover the whole screen.


With one-handed operation, adjust the screen size and layout for easy controlling of your device with one hand. If you don’t want to access the whole screen in a small window, but want C9 Pro to use with one hand under full-screen mode, it has the ability to adjust the keyboard, dialer, call button, unlock pattern, and calculator without resizing the screen.

How to activate One-handed operation on Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro

To activate One-handed operation on Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro, here’s what you’ve to do in the Settings menu.

  • Go to Settings -> Advance features.
  • Select One-handed operation.


  • Turn on the two toggle sliders.

The ‘reduce screen size‘ slider will reduce the screen size when you press the home button three times.

The ‘One-handed input‘ slider will keep the screen in full mode but the input will be resized such as keyboard, dialer, in-call buttons, calculator, unlock screen.


Now, whenever you want to activate one-handed operation, just hit the home button thrice and your screen size will be reduced. The arrows on the sides will let you switch the sides. To go back to the full screen, tap return to full screen.


This is how you can activate One-handed operation or one-hand mode on Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro. If you like this tutorial, give us thanks in the comments. Visit more awesome guides here at our How-To Guides.