How to add folder shortcuts to the Start Menu [Windows 10]

The Windows 10 Start menu has a handful of features that you may use such as using the fullscreen Start menu, hiding apps in the Start menu, and adding folder shortcuts to it. A handy list of shortcuts to popular locations are available in the Start menu in a tiny sidebar, locations like Documents, Pictures, Settings, and you can customize which shortcuts you want it here to appear. Here’s how to add folder shortcuts in the Start menu on Windows 10.

You can use the Start Menu to quickly launch Documents as well as Pictures, however, you can also put more shortcuts like File Explorer, Downloads, Music, Videos, Network, and Personal folder. Here’s what you need to do to add folder shortcuts in the left side bar of the Start menu.


How to add folder shortcuts to the Start Menu [Windows 10]

  1. Launch the Start menu by pressing the Windows Key or click on the Windows icon in the corner. You can also press the keyboard shortcut Windows Key + I for Settings.
  2. Click on Settings then Personalization and then Start.
  3. Click Choose which folders appear on Start.
  4. On the next screen, turn on the sliders for the folders you wish to keep – File Explorer, Music, Documents, Videos, Network, and so on. The shortcut icon will now appear in the sidebar of the Start Menu.

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