How To Always Run Microsoft Edge In InPrivate Browsing Mode [Windows 10]

Most browsers nowadays come with a built-in private browsing mode, we call it incognito, private browsing, or in-private browsing. Private browsing is used by many users who are concern about their online privacy, and if you are among them, you can make use of it on your Windows 10 PC using the keyboard shortcut CTRL + Shift + N.

For Windows users, Microsoft Edge is the default browser for all users unless they are using a third-party browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. But if you are using Microsoft Edge and want to browse throughout in InPrivate mode, here’s a guide showing you how to always start Microsoft Edge in InPrivate browsing mode on your Windows 10 PC.


The InPrivate mode is actually Microsoft Edge’s private browsing mode that doesn’t keep traces of what you do on the browser just like you see on Google Chrome’s Incognito mode. No matter if you quit the browser after you are done browsing, you can always surf the internet in InPrivate mode without leaving behind any trace of history, cookies, passwords, and other data.

How To Always Run Microsoft Edge In InPrivate Mode

You can always start the InPrivate mode by right-clicking on the Microsoft Edge taskbar shortcut and click on InPrivate. But you can also launch the Microsoft Edge in default InPrivate mode with this trick. Follow the steps.

  • Before you launch the Microsoft Edge on your Windows 10 PC, head to its desktop shortcut and right-click on it.
  • Select Properties to enter the Microsoft Edge properties.
  • Under the Shortcut tab, locate the file path in Target. This is where the actual Microsoft Edge executable file path is.
  • Add -inprivate at the end of the file path in the Target textbox. Make sure not to change anything else in the path, just add the keyword at the end and click OK.

The next time you launch the Microsoft Edge, you are already in the InPrivate browsing mode by default, you no longer need to choose the InPrivate mode option. Do note that, the InPrivate mode will only start from the shortcut that you have modified. If you are launching from the taskbar or Start menu, the Microsoft Edge will start as normal.


That’s how you can always start the Microsoft Edge in InPrivate browsing mode. If you like this guide, share it with your friends using the social media buttons.

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