Google Maps starts showing traffic lights on Android in the US

Google Maps, one of the most used navigation application, has seen quite a new feature additions in the past few months. Now, the company has reportedly started testing a new feature that will show traffic lights in Google Maps on Android.


It seems that traffic lights currently only show up for a few people in the regular Maps view and during navigation. As not many people have this new feature, it seems that the company is doing a highly limited test.

For each crossroads with traffic lights, the app shows a small symbol depicting as much on the map. There’s just visual indicators and no audio cues at this time. The visual indicate is also hard to see, especially when driving.

However, do note that the feature is currently in the early stage so the visual indicator could get improved by the time the feature is ready for the rollout, or even have audio cues as well.

It also remains unclear if the feature will be activated by default or the user needs to activate it manually. It also also not yet known which regions are covered for the traffic light indication feature.

Given that the company has limited its speed limits indicator to select regions only, we expect this new feature to be limited to select regions. Currently, the feature is being tested in few US cities including New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

Source | Via