How to block per-app notifications on Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch [Guide]

We recently reviewed the Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch and felt that too many notifications aren’t good for a smartwatch. At times, your phone has too much of apps installed firing up all the app notifications such that it makes it difficult for you to check them on your smartwatch. So, in this guide, I will show you how to block per-app notifications on Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch.


Having a smartwatch paired with your smartphone is extremely useful because of all the notifications popup up right on the smartwatch screen from your phone and it is the main reason why anyone would wear a smartwatch. This also ensures you won’t be removing the phone out of your pocket every time for any unimportant notification.

Let’s get it started.

How to block per-app notifications on Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch

It is clear that you have the Samsung Gear app and the Gear S3 plugin installed on your phone and paired the smartwatch.

  • Open the Samsung Gear app.
  • Swipe to the Settings.
  • Tap Notifications and enter Manage notifications.


Here, you will see a list of installed apps that triggers the notifications on the Gear S3 smartwatch.

  • Choose the apps that are important to you and don’t want to miss the notifications.
  • You are done. Now you won’t be able to see the unimportant notifications on your Gear S3.

Going through fewer notifications is less hassle, it saves your time and it simplifies your smartwatch experience.


If you are having a smartwatch other than Samsung Gear S3, preferably Android Wear, then you should check the Android Wear app to block per-app notifications. The app has a notification management similar to what Samsung Gear app offers. You will probably figure it out easily if you follow this guide.

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