How to disable auto correct on Android [Guide]


We recently did a tutorial on How to disable spell checker on Android. Today, we are going to show you how to disable auto correct on Android. Similar to the spell checker, the auto correct feature is a boon if you are not an English expert. We are humans, and to err is a natural tendency of ours.


While auto correct is really a useful feature, there are times when you would want it to stop correcting you. Many times it happens that you want to write a certain word but the auto correct feature wouldn’t let you do so. How to disable auto correct on Android then? Read on to know how.

How to disable auto correct on Android

Step 1: In order to disable auto correct on Android, you need to go to ‘Settings‘ > ‘Language & input‘ > ‘Google Keyboard‘. We have written Google Keyboard here because we are using Google Keyboard on nearly stock version of Android. If you are using some other keyboard, select that.


Step 2: After tapping on ‘Google Keyboard’ you will be taken to ‘Google Keyboard Settings’ where you need to tap on ‘Text correction‘. Doing so will take you to ‘Text correction’ settings where you will find a toggle button provided against the ‘Auto-correction‘ option. It’s turned on by default. Turn it off to disable auto correct on Android.


Well, that’s it. You have disabled auto correction on your Android. Now when you start typing, you will find that the incorrect spellings won’t be corrected automatically.

We hope this tutorial on How to disable auto correct on Android turned out to be useful to you. Head on to our How-To Guides section for more such useful tutorials.

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