How to change download location in Chrome Browser [Mac/Windows]

There are times when you download something from the Google Chrome browser and it saves the download automatically, but what if you want to save it at a different location or in a different directory? Google Chrome decides a default directory for saving files on your computer, but this can be easily changed from the Google Chrome settings itself. Here’s what you need to do to change download location in Google Chrome on your Mac as well as Windows.


How to change download location in Google Chrome

Follow these simple steps to change download location in Google Chrome.

  1. Launch Google Chrome on your Mac or Windows, whichever computer you are using.
  2. Click on the three dots in the top right corner of the browser and click on Settings from the list.
  3. On the left side panel, click on Advanced and select Downloads. You can also scroll the Settings page to get to the Advanced settings.
  4. Here, you have the option to change the Downloads Location, hit the Change button as shown to change the location from the default Downloads in the user directory to anything you wish for.

Easy, isn’t it? That’s all for now. If you are using Safari on your computer, here’s how you can change the download location in Safari. Want more stuff like this? Here’s what you need to check out – more tutorials, guides, tips, tricks, and hidden features for smartphones and apps.

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