How to check battery usage graph on Android [Guide]

Android smartphones have a useful feature to monitor the battery. It shows you a graphical representation of the battery to check how much you are using the phone and how idle you keep your phone during the day. But many people don’t know how to interpret all those colors and those signals. This guide will try to explain how to check battery usage graph on Android and figure out the stats of the battery.


How to check battery usage graph on Android

All we know is how to get to the battery information found in Settings – > Battery (this may vary on other devices). In this guide, we will discover what the graph that exactly shows how much battery is been used by your smartphone. Also, it will show you which app is consuming more battery while you use your Android smartphone, as well to some other useful information about the signal strength of sensors.


The above image shows the main graph of battery on your Android. The period when it shows zero indicates that your smartphone is turned off at that particular time frame. A yellow line indicates that a battery is low and needs to be charged (less than 10% battery), a red line shows that the battery is at a critical state and needs immediately to charge while the remaining gray area indicates the estimated time remaining before the battery is completely discharged.

Battery Usage

  • Green – Battery Runtime
  • Yellow – Low battery warning
  • Red – Critical Battery warning
  • Gray – Estimated time remaining before the battery is completely discharged
  • Blank Space – Time frame of the phone turned off

It is advisable that you shouldn’t let the battery bring down below 10% as it will kill the long run of the battery over time. If you tap the battery graph with your finger then you will enter in a more detailed state showing you submenus in which you can observe the additional aspects of the battery.


The colored bars in ‘mobile network signal’ stated the signal strength. Dark green indicates a strong signal, a lighter green indicates a discrete signal, while the yellow bar indicates a weak signal. A red bar indicates that the signal is lost and marked as absent while the phone is scanning the network. (In this case, due to the low signal and scanning the network frequently, the battery may drain faster). If you use your phone in airplane mode, then the signal bar will be marked as blank in the battery graph.

Mobile Network Signal – Battery Graph

  • Dark Green – Strong Signal
  • Light Green – Decent  Signal
  • Yellow – Weak Signal
  • Red – No Signal; Scanning for the Network
  • Blank – Airplane mode; No SIM

The ‘Wi-Fi‘ shows how many times you have connected and disconnected the Wi-Fi. If you lost the signal for the Wi-Fi, it will also be noted to the battery graph. The colored bar indicates that there were some apps running in the background and using the Wi-Fi even if the display screen is off. The “GPS” indicates that you have used the GPS receiver for location services or the apps that have used the GPS to determine the location.

Lastly, the ‘Awake‘ bars show how many times the phone is wake up from standby. Similarly, ‘Charging‘ shows how many times the charger is connected to the phone.