How to create Rainbow Text Effect on Instagram [Guide]

There are tons of people on Instagram who put up creative stories on their profile and no wonder, you might have thought to share something creative as well on your Instagram profile. Here’s something that you might want to try, add a Rainbow Text Effect to your story to make it look colorful.


Instagram offers you a wide range of features that you can make use of, and some nifty tricks are available on Instagram that Instagram doesn’t directly offer.

An amazing workaround you might not know is the rainbow text effect which lets you add multiple colors to each letter on the text you wrote.

Just follow the steps below to get the rainbow text effect for your Instagram stories.

How to create Rainbow Text Effect on Instagram

Create a story on your Instagram, either by clicking a photo, importing from the gallery.

Now tap on the story to type the text you wish to be in a rainbow color style. (You can also create a text-only story instead of uploading photos)

Make a selection of the text you want to color. You can select individual text for different colors. Press and hold the color bar at the bottom to use the color tool or use the color patches as given.

Voila! You just got a rainbow text effect on your Instagram story.


There might be more hidden tricks and workarounds on Instagram and if you know them, share in the comments. For more such guides, visit How-To Guides.