How to disable Facebook auto playing videos on Android [Guide]

We all use Facebook, unless and until someone has been living under a rock like a primitive man and isn’t aware of Facebook’s existence. Facebook has changed the way we keep in touch with our family and friends, wherever they are. Facebook has added some new features over the course of time since it was founded. Features like playing GIF images, Facebook Reactions, etc.


In today’s age of social media, allowing users to upload and share images and videos is not a feature exactly. You must have come across several images and videos shared by people in your friends list as well as the pages you have liked. If you’ve noticed properly, Facebook automatically plays the videos when you are scrolling through your News Feed. That’s annoying, right? Who would like to see a video being played without consent, especially when he/she is on a slow connection or has limited bandwidth?

If you went crazy trying to figure out a way to disable Facebook auto playing videos, you can stop now as we show you how to disable Facebook auto playing videos on Android as well on the desktop version with the help of this tutorial.

How to disable Facebook auto playing videos on Android

Step 1: As soon as you open the Facebook app, tap on ‘Settings‘ which is represented by the three horizontal lines at right side of the notifications icon. As soon as you do that, you will be presented with various options like Events, Nearby Friends, etc. Scroll down till the Help & Settings section comes and tap on the ‘App Settings‘ sub-category.


Step 2: Then tap on the ‘Autoplay‘ option. Doing so will present you with three options to choose when videos autoplay. In order to disable Facebook auto play videos, select the ‘Never Autoplay Videos‘ option.


If you are fine with the autoplaying videos and are only concerned about your mobile data, you can select the ‘On Wi-Fi Connections Only’ option so that you don’t get billed for the extra data that was consumed due to the autoplaying videos.

This part showed you how to disable Facebook auto playing videos on Android. If you are the one who un-installed the Facebook app on Android because of battery consumption and use Facebook’s desktop version instead, worry not as we further show you how to disable Facebook auto playing videos on its desktop version.

How to disable Facebook auto playing videos on website

Step 1: Open from your computer and log in to your account. As soon as you log in, click on the ‘down arrow‘ located at the right side of the Privacy Shortcuts option and click on ‘Settings‘ which is located above the Log out option.


Step 2: As soon as you click on ‘Settings’ you will be taken to the General Account Settings page. Click on the ‘Videos‘ option located at the bottom-left of the screen.


Step 3: Upon clicking on it, you will be taken to the Video Settings page. Click on the ‘drop-down button‘ provided against the Auto-play videos option.


You can now disable Facebook auto playing videos by selecting the ‘Off‘ option. This will prevent all the videos from playing automatically when you scroll through them.


If you were able to successfully stop Facebook videos from auto playing, share this tutorial with your friends so that they can also disable Facebook auto playing videos on Android as well on desktop version. Head on to our How-To Guides section for more such useful tutorials.