How to Enable Back Tap Gestures on Any Android Smartphone [Guide]

Apple, starting with iOS 14 added a new feature to iPhones called Back Tap that allows users to double or triple tap the back of their iPhones to trigger specific actions such as taking screenshots, opening Control Centre and other accessibility features.

Seeing this, Google, starting for Android 12 also added a pretty similar feature called Quick Tap to its Pixel devices as a part of its Pixel Feature drop, making it Pixel Exclusive. Thankfully enough we were able to discover a way that allows you to install Quick Tap on any Android device and here’s a step-by-step guide that explains it all:

Step 1: Downloading & Installing Tap, Tap on Your Android Smartphone

In order to enable Tap Back/Quick Tap we will be installing a free third-party app called Tap, Tap. This app, unlike other apps that can be downloaded directly from Google Play Store, needs to be Sideloaded on your Android smartphone as detailed in the steps below:

  • Go to Tap, Tap’s official GitHub Page:
  • Once opened, scroll down and tap on TapTap-v1.3.apk which is listed under Assets. This starts the download process. (image 1)
  • Once downloaded, go to your File Manager and look for “TapTap-v1.3.apk” under the Downloads folder. (image 2)
  • Once discovered, tap on it followed by install to start the installation process. (image 3)

Step 2: Configuring Double & Triple Tap Actions Using Tap, Tap

Now that you’ve downloaded and installed Tap, Tap on your Android smartphone, all that remains is to configure the double and triple tap actions inside Tap, Tap:

  • Tap and launch the newly installed Tap, Tap app. You’ll be welcomed with a splash screen.
  • On the splash screen tap on Getting Started followed by Next once you’ve read the message from its Developer.
  • Once you accept and have granted it internet access it will ask you to double tap on the back of your Android smartphone. Now tap Continue followed by Close.
  • Once you’ve finished the Setup process tap on Double Tap/Triple Tap Actions to assign your own Actions. By default double tap opens Google Assistant and triple tap once enabled, opens the Notifucation Shade.
  • Under Double Tap/Triple Tap Actions long press the default action followed by the remove button to Remove the default action.
  • Now tap on + Add Action to add your customer Actions which can include launching an app, controlling utilities or simulating button presses and much more.

That’s pretty much how you too can enable Tap Back/Quick Tap on any non-pixel Android smartphone of your choice given that it supports Android 7 or later.