How to group unfollow on Instagram [Guide]

Instagram has a lot of active users and people usually interact on the most trending and creative posts eventually end up following the page or account the post came through. You might also have a bunch of pages following just because you saw a post saying watch the full video after following this page. Whether it’s a celebrity page, meme page, or a page on which you’re least interacting with, you might want to unfollow them to keep your Instagram feed clear.


If you are like me who follows Instagram pages especially celebrities, meme pages and unnecessary accounts that lures you to convert you into a follower and your Instagram feed is less likely to show your friends updates in the feed. In such cases, removing the unwanted following accounts is a wise option.

You have the option to group unfollow the accounts on Instagram that you have followed and not interacted with. Instagram has finally brought a feature that lets you group unfollow users with whom you have the least interaction. Before that, there was no way you could group unfollow people rather you are left with the hard work to unfollow one-by-one.

How to group unfollow on Instagram

To group unfollow people on Instagram whom you have less interacted, go to your Instagram profile and tap on Following.

From here, you can remove users whom you have not interacted with as well as those who have not followed you back.

Tap on ‘Least interacted with‘ option to remove the ones with less interaction.

Switch to the ‘Followers‘ tab and you will find ‘Accounts you don’t follow back‘ option.


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