How to disconnect calls using power button on Android [Guide]

Some people still like the old way to hang up a call, yet, today’s smartphone comes with no physical keys to end the calls. A good traditional way was to take the mobile away from your ear, one final glance at your contact and press down the red-labeled key to end the call. Nevertheless, you can hang up calls using power button on Android easily as all the Android smartphones come with a small setting that gives you an option to end calls using a power button. Follow the 3-step guide:


How to hang up calls using power button on Android 

Step 1: Open Settings from your smartphone’s homescreen. I have used a stock Android interface so your device interface may vary a bit.


Step 2: When you enter into the settings, swipe up and tap on Accessibility under the System tab.


Step 3: Again swipe up and find an option that says Power button ends call and just tap the toggle slider as shown.



Now, whenever someone makes a call on your number, you can hang up calls using power button on your Android smartphone. It also functions as an easier alternative to end calls by turning the screen on to hang up calls.

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