How to manually add passwords into Safari for auto-login [Mac]

Safari is one of the fastest browsers for Mac and there are various handy features to make the user experience better. As many of you know, Safari asks you to save the login credentials so that you don’t have to log into the website the next time you visit. But what if I say you have missed the request of saving the login and passwords for a particular website? Want to manually add a login into Safari? Take a look.

Safari browser saves your login credentials i.e. username and passwords for websites you visit. Maybe you are trying to save a password in the Safari but you ignored the request or clicked never to save passwords, there’s a way to manually add passwords and login information into Safari. This guide will help you manually add logins and passwords into Safari for automatically log into websites.


How to manually add login and password into Safari [Mac]

  1. Launch the Safari browser on your Mac if you haven’t.
  2. Click the Safari in the menubar.
  3. Click on Safari Preferences from the list.
  4. Click on the Passwords tab and enter the password of your user account to view passwords or make changes to this section. Here, you will be able to see a list of website passwords that have been already added to Safari.
  5. Click on Add to manually enter the login or username and password details for any website.
  6. Now, type in the website URL, enter your username and password details, and then click on Add Password to save the login info. For example, if you want to automatically fill the login credentials for Facebook, enter and your Facebook login and password.
  7. Now head to the website that you have added, when you try to log in, the login data and password for the website will be automatically added by the Safari browser.

Under the Passwords tab, you can also locate the website login and password you wish to see in the Safari browser. If you forget the login credentials for a website, you can retrieve the saved passwords in this section in Safari.




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