How To Record PC Games Without Installing Any App On Windows 10

Want to record games on Windows 10? Want to show your recorded gameplay to your friends or upload it to YouTube or other platforms? Tried recording PC games on your Windows 10 PC? While there are third-party tools that let you record games or gameplay on Windows 10, you can do it without installing any apps, your Windows 10 comes with a built-in tool for recording PC games.


So, as you know recording PC games on Windows 10 via third-party apps like Fraps is possible, you can also record them easily using a keyboard shortcut and without the need for third-party softwares. Make use of the Game Bar built-in the Microsoft Windows 10 which is part of the Game DVR feature by the Xbox app. 

Xbox Game Bar is built into Windows 10 so you can capture videos and take screenshots while playing PC games. Windows 10 includes customizable keyboard shortcuts for recording videos and capturing screenshots of the games you play on your computer. Here’s how you can record gameplay of any PC game on Windows 10.

How To Record PC Games Without Installing Any App [Windows 10]

To record games on Windows 10, follow these quick steps.

  • Launch the game that you want to be recorded.
  • Once the game starts, press the keyboard shortcut, Windows logo key G to open Xbox Game Bar.

You can also do it by pressing the Xbox button on your Xbox One controller if you have it connected or the Xbox One plugged into your PC.

  • Use the keyboard shortcut Windows logo key + ALT + R to start recording the full-screen game.

You can also use the Record button on the interface to record the gameplay. There are audio settings available below if you want to tweak before recording.

  • Once you are done with the recording, stop it using the same shortcut key or the button on the interface which can be called by pressing the Windows logo key + G.
  • All the game recordings will be saved in the Videos\Captures folder in the user directory.

Take a look at the game sample we record using the built-in Windows tool.


Aside from this, you can use this tool for capturing screenshots as well, capture the screenshot by pressing the Camera button on the interface. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Windows logo key + ALT + Prtscrn.

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