How to record phone calls on Android [Guide]

While smartphones are used to do a lot of things, a handy feature like call recording is always missing and none of the leading smartphone manufacturers give you built-in call recorder. Either you want to record a call for some customer service advice, an interview call or you want to remember something important in the conversation, we will show you a way to record phone calls on an Android smartphone. Follow the guide:

NOTE: When recording a phone call without the knowledge of the person speaking is illegal in some countries. It is better to notify the other person if you are recording a conversation. Recording phone calls can lead to a privacy outrage and it can be misused as well. We will not be responsible for any causes.


How to record phone calls on Android using an app

You can record incoming as well as outgoing calls with an app called Call Recorder. The Call Recorder app has an ability to Enable/Disable call recording with just one tap. Once you place a call or there is an incoming call, it will be recorded after the moment it is picked up. You can find it on Google PlayStore.

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How to use Call Recorder

Open the app after you download it. Tap the slider on the top right corner to turn it on. That’s it. Your calls will be automatically recorded. To turn it off, again tap on the same slider. You can use the settings to configure the app if you want, but it doesn’t need to. Tapping on the name/number plays the recorded conversation.


You can delete the unwanted call recordings to free up space. Tap their photos to select whichever you want to delete.


You can see how much space it takes on your storage and cleaning is as easy. You can import the call recordings to your phone too. There is an option to sync to your cloud storage. It supports Dropbox and Google Drive.


You can opt to enable the notifications after each call is recorded. Also, after you had a convo, it can ask you to save the recorded calls so that you can disregard the unnecessary recorded calls.


It supports a passcode to secure your data. If you feel your device is been shared or you have handed someone your phone, you can set a passcode to protect your recordings every time the app starts.


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