How to remove Facebook integration from third-party apps [Guide]

How many of you are using Facebook login on third-party apps? There are a bunch of websites and apps that use your Facebook data for logging in and it’s fast and much easier for you as you don’t require to create accounts and passwords. If you are using your Facebook account to login to the third-party apps, you may want to keep your shared data as long as you trust them, but if you don’t, revoke the login.


While some of you don’t even bother for the login, all you want is to log in and play games, use apps and websites because it makes easier not to remember the passwords. But know that some apps access your friend list, upload your phone contacts, and even photos and also track your location using GPS. If you aren’t comfortable sharing your data with them, you can simply remove the app from Facebook which eventually revokes the account on the particular app or website.

How to remove Facebook integration from third-party apps

To revoke apps login, follow these steps on your Facebook

  • Go to Settings on your Facebook
  • Tap Apps and Websites
  • Under Preferences, tap Apps, Websites, and Games

Here you will find the apps and websites that are logged in with Facebook. They are either Active or Expired, both of them can access the data, the expired apps probably aren’t used in a while while the active apps are frequently used.

  • Tap the desired app you want to remove from Facebook.



Just because you remove apps access from your Facebook data doesn’t mean your account is deleted, these websites and apps may copy your Facebook data on their servers, so would want to delete the account on the apps and websites as well.

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