How to remove Snapchat cache files and free up more storage [Guide]

For those who are using Snapchat for a while, you need to know that your Snapchat consumes some storage by its cache files. If you found out that the app is using too much storage space despite its size you’ve downloaded from the Google Play Store, that means it’s the cache that’s build-up from your app usage.


The apps on your smartphone build up cache files to make the user experience better, however, some apps occupy a huge storage space just by its cache. Apps like Telegram, Chrome, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat use some space on your smartphone to save cache files and these files build up together to block a chunk of space on your smartphone storage.

Any activity you do on Snapchat means it’s probably saved in the cache; Stories, Memories, Stickers, Lens, and others use storage on your smartphone. When you use these Snapchat features, a cache (temporary files) is created that makes the app run faster.

You may free up some storage by clearing the cache on these apps, I have shown how to clear Telegram cache from within the app to save a huge space. Now, Snapchat users, you have the option to remove the cache files from the App Info settings on Android, however, the app offers you a built-in cache removal setting that will free up storage space on your smartphone. Here’s what you need to do.

Remove Snapchat Cache Files And Free Up More Storage

  • Launch Snapchat and enter Settings.
  • Swipe to the bottom and under Accounts, tap on the Clear Cache.

You will be prompted with a message ‘All of your caches will be cleared. Your Memories backup won’t be deleted!’

The cache files or temporary files saved on your phone will be cleared (and rebuild on how frequently you use the app). This frees up the storage and you can see how much size of the cache is occupied on the Clear Cache option.

iPhone users have an option to remove individual cache files if you think you want to keep some cache on your device.


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