How to save WhatsApp conversation as text file [Guide]

Are you looking for a way to save your WhatsApp conversations into a text document?WhatsApp provides two options to backup chat history. Once is the regular offline backup on your device and other is to save it online on Google Drive. We explained how to backup WhatsApp chat on Google Drive, and now there is another way to backup WhatsApp chat as text file. Here’s how you can do it.


It is for the users who wish to save their chat history in a text file for using it further on a desktop PC. To export the chat in a text file you have sent the chat backup over email and download the attachment.

How to save WhatsApp chat as text file

To save WhatsApp conversation as text file, WhatsApp provides a neat feature that allows you to export the chat backup as an attachment and sent it through email. While it is great for people who wants to keep the conversation as a backup for keeping a record of the chat history, it can also be used to share it with your friends if the chat history is a group chat.

  • To do it, open any chat you like to backup such as an individual or a group.
  • You can either long press the recent button to enter the menu or press the three dots on the top-right corner.
  • Select More.


  • Now tap the Email chat and you have the option to export the chat with media files or without the media files. Note that if you choose ‘Attach Media‘, it may take a while to generate the backup. Also, the size will be increased.
  • If you just want the text version, opt the ‘Without Media‘.
  • Send the chat via email program you use. I will choose Gmail just to show you the instance.
  • Send the email to yourself and download the attachment.



  • Open the attachment you just have downloaded from the email. It can be transferred to a desktop PC.


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