How To Stream Songs On Gaana App In High Quality [Guide]

We all like to listen to music on our smartphones, music streaming apps like Gaana, Apple Music, Spotify, and others have made our lives simple by offering music on the go. These apps have a huge library of music that you can stream, you don’t need to download music on your smartphone and worry about the storage.

Since the apps stream music from the internet, the quality of streamed music depends on a few factors, the speed of your internet being the main aspect. Speaking of the Gaana app, it is primarily focused more on regional music and has a large music playlist with a wide variety of regional and old songs collection.

On the Gaana app, you have the option to change the music quality and stream in the highest quality or HD. Here’s how you can do it.


How To Stream Songs On Gaana App In High Quality

  1. Launch Gaana app on your smartphone.
  2. Tap the Profile icon in the top right corner.
  3. Tap Music Quality.
  4. Change from Auto to High.

If you are using a Gaana+ subscription, choose High Definition

Now when you stream music on Gaana, it plays in the highest possible quality. For those who are using the Gaana app for free, they have the option to play in even better quality if they choose the Gaana+ subscription.

Note: Choosing the High (or High Definition) setting will increase the data usage of the app. For those of you already having higher data usage should set it to Medium or Low.

Aside from streaming in high quality, you can also make use of the Night Mode if using the Gaana app at night or in darker environments.

Just above the Music Quality settings, you can change the Night Mode to On or Automatic at sunset. Keeping the automatic selection will enable the Night Mode by default during Sunset.


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