How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android [Guide]

Transferring contacts from one phone to another is a real headache. Nothing is worse than the time it takes to copy the contacts one by one. While there are many ways to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android on the internet, we will give you undoubtedly the easiest way to copy contacts from iPhone to Android, just follow the guide.


What is Required?

  • A PC or Mac with Internet connectivity
  • iCloud Login

It is likely to be sure that the iCloud will sync all your contacts and calendars to your iCloud account.

Step 1: Login to iCloud

Open a web browser from your computer and access iCloud website. Login to your iCloud account and select Contacts.


Step 2: Getting contacts from iPhone

Select all the contacts by pressing CTRL + A (command + A on Mac). On the bottom left, click on the settings button as shown in the image below and Select Export vCard. A file with .vcf extension will be saved in your downloads folder. This file contains all your contacts that are already on your iPhone.


Step 3: Importing contacts to Android

Import your contacts by using the same Google account you used to sign in with your android phone. Open your Gmail from desktop and select contacts as shown in the image.


Now, click Import on the left side under ‘More’. If you are prompted by a screen to use old Google contacts then click on ‘Go to old contacts’ and you’ll be redirected on the old Google contacts page.



Once you are on the old contacts page click on ‘More’ and select import, you will be asked to locate the .vcf file that you have downloaded from the iCloud.


Finally, click import and wait for the Google to upload the contacts to your Google account.


Be sure to ask it the comments section if there is something missing or it didn’t work for you. For more tutorials, check out the guides tab.