How to undo text on Android phones [Guide]

A basic feature you always use on a desktop is ‘undo text’ on PC (CTRL + Z) or Mac (CMD + Z). Since Android is an excellent mobile OS, it still misses out such an essential feature. We finally got something to undo text on Android. It is very easy to undo and redo texts on Android phones.

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As you have been familiar with the shortcuts CTRL + Z or CMD + Z or both, the same can be quite difficult on Android as Android keyboards don’t come with ‘Control’ or ‘Command’ keys or any ‘undo’ keys. However, it’s a lot simpler than you think. This is where comes the Inputting+ app.

Inputting+ will notify you automatically to undo, redo, find and replace text when you type anything just like you do on your desktop PC (CTRL + Z, CTRL + Y, CTRL + C, CTRL + V. You can also save all your typed history on a clipboard.

How to undo text on Android phones using Inputting+

After you download the app from the above link, skip the welcome screen. You must grant the app to gain access to your device under Accessibility Settings.




Usually, people are pretty anxious about their data and privacy and giving permissions to an app that reads your text input is more dangerous unless you trust it. You don’t have to worry about anything, Inputting+ runs locally, doesn’t monitor your input text and passwords, and won’t be using the internet to connect to any remote servers. It is safe.

If you’re still worried about the data, you can add the apps to a blacklist that can’t be monitored by Inputting+.

Inputting+ Interface

Inputting+ is triggered when your Android or any other keyboard is popped up. There you can see a notification by Inputting+ on the notification bar. Either you can undo or redo just from the notification bar as shown below or you can use a floating text editor to undo or redo stuff you type by using the arrows.



Replacing the text is really simple just like you use it in a text editor. Hit the search button when you see a notification by Inputting+ and replace the words.


Inputting+ features a timeline that saves almost everything you type in a clipboard. It supports history with a calendar to view all your typed history across every app you used. An app icon is shown to let you know.

Inputting+ Timeline

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