How to use Dark Mode on

Are you using Facebook in the darkroom or at night on your Mac or Windows PC? You might be using the Facebook app in dark mode on your smartphone, but have you tried using the dark mode on its web version i.e. on a browser? Fortunately, the new Facebook UI supports the Dark mode and you can make use of it to browse the news feed and other pages on


The Dark mode has become popular these days, now the web version of Facebook too supports the dark mode. With the dark mode enabled, the interface will go dark and you can browse in a dark theme better for your eyes and better for viewing in a dark environment. Here’s how to turn on dark mode on on a browser.

How to use Dark Mode on

  1. Visit the on any browser – Chrome, Firefox, or Safari whichever you are using.
  2. Now on the top right corner, click on the down arrow to open the dropdown menu.
  3. Select Display preferences and choose Dark mode, turn it on from here.
  4. If you don’t see Display preferences, perhaps you are using the older version of the Facebook web, switch to the new interface by choosing the option under the dropdown menu Switch to new Facebook. Your Facebook profile will now use a revamped interface.

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