How to use manual HDR mode in camera on iPhone/iPad

Your iPhone is capable of providing HDR photos, an HDR photo produces better color and lighting which eventually improves the image quality. Your iPhone captures HDR photos automatically whenever it’s required, however, not for every photo. There are some of you who want a manual HDR option every time you capture a photo, not as an automatic feature. This is possible with a quick workaround, read on.

For those who want a bit more control over the iPhone’s camera or want to have manual controls with an HDR option, you have the Camera settings that can be tweaked to force the HDR option for all photos and disable the automatic HDR feature.


Turn on manual HDR mode in camera on [iPhone/iPad]

Using the camera app normally, you would see any option to change the photo mode to HDR or any option to turn on or turn off. However, there’s a way to do it, here’s what exactly you need to do to turn on the manual HDR option on your iPhone or iPad.

  1. Head to Settings on your iPhone or iPad and swipe to the bottom to see the Camera settings. Tap on it.
  2. Once you enter the Camera settings, go to the HDR section and turn off the Auto HDR option, and set Keep Normal Photo to enabled. This will allow you to compare the HDR photo with the normal photo, so you can have a better understanding of how HDR is useful for photography.
  3. Now, launch the camera app on your iPhone or iPad and you will notice an HDR option on the top. Tap on the HDR option and you will see the Camera app is still set to automatically enable the HDR feature, let’s change it to manual.
  4. Tap On under HDR to manually enable the HDR option and capture the photos like you usually do, take a normal picture in photo mode.

What happens here is when you capture a photo in HDR, the camera will keep a copy of the normal photo so you can compare it with the HDR photo.

You will notice that the photo that’s captured in HDR will have the HDR icon when you view it within the default Photos app. As you have enabled the ‘Keep Normal Photo’ in the Camera settings, you can swipe right to view the same picture without HDR.

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