How To View Page Source In Safari Browser On Your Mac [Guide]

Surfing the internet using browsers is a daily routine for most of us, however, some people also view the source of the webpage. Safari browser is the default browser on Mac computers and is one of the fastest web browsers available. But to view page source in Safari, you can’t do it right away.

Browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox allow you to view the web site’s source code with a couple of clicks away, but when it comes to Safari, you can’t view the source just like that. You must first enable a developer toolset for the Safari browser and then you will be able to access the web page source feature.


How To View Page Source In Safari

To view page source in the Safari browser on your Mac, follow the steps. This applies to all versions of Safari and macOS.

  • Launch Safari browser on your Mac
  • Click on Safari -> Preferences located at the menu bar on the top.
  • Click on Advanced and check the box Show Develop menu in the menu bar as shown.

This will enable the web developer toolset on Safari and with that, you access do a lot of developer tools which includes the Show Page Source.



Now type the website address into the address bar and navigate to the webpage you want to view the source code.

  • Go to Develop -> Show Page Source in the menu bar after you’ve checked the box in the settings.

You can also use the keyboard shortcut Command + Option + U to view the web page source code.

  • Use Command + Option + U to view page source code.

Google Chrome and Firefox browsers also have similar developer tools, these tools are enabled by default and you can access them by right-clicking on the webpage and click on view source or inspect element.



Do you have any handy tricks associated with the Safari browser? Let us know.

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