How to magnify or zoom entire screen on Android [Guide]

Android devices, especially the smartphones with small size display have too much less space to show the content or it’s like you need bigger text to read. You can anytime zoom entire screen on Android device by enabling the magnification gestures feature. It gives you the ability to zoom any screen regardless of any activity by quickly tapping three times anywhere on the screen.


Although, you can pinch and zoom on the browsers, but several apps and games on your smartphone cannot be zoomed by the same way. The smallest part of text or image inside an app or a game can’t be readable unless you have some special tool. Thanks to the Android, it already has the feature built-in to zoom the entire screen. You can now zoom into any apps like Facebook, YouTube, even in games without disrupting your activity.

How to zoom entire screen on Android

Enter the Settings menu on your Android and select accessibility option. Almost all the smartphones have this option. We have shown it on a stock Android user interface and similarly you can find it too. Simply go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Magnification gestures.



Turn on the Magnification gestures by using the toggle switch. It is turned off by default. When you this feature is turned on, you can zoom in anywhere and anytime by tapping 3 times quickly on the screen.


When you zoom in anything on the screen, you can control it by dragging your finger on any side across the screen. You can also pinch and zoom under the magnifier to double the zoom activity. Explore the part you want to check and lift your finger to zoom out everything.


Tap 3 Times Quickly On The Screen

There are 3rd party apps available on the Play Store, so if you’re using any apps to magnify your phone’s screen, share it in the comments section. Check out more on our How to Guides if you liked it.