HTC and Motorola find themselves in a legal tangle

HTC-Chacha-oto-xoom-150x150 Seems like mobile handset markers are forever try to battle one copy right infringement or another and now it’s the turn of HTC to face some music. The Taiwanese smartphone maker had very recently launched a new Facebook device and named it ChaCha. However the search engine giant, which happens to share the same name is not too pleased with the development and has decided to take HTC to court for alleged copyright infringement.

At the same time, Motorola too is facing something similar as it faces trademark infringement from a money transfer company known as Xoom Corporation. It’s a little surprising that though Motorola Xoom was launched at the CES in January, the lawsuit was filed just a day prior to the tablet started to retail. So, it may well be the case of a small company looking at some cheap publicity or fast bucks. That may be it, the early reviews for this Android HoneyComb have been quite encouraging.