HTC changing marketing plan with bolder outlook, says Chief Marketing Officer

After facing a lot of criticisms due to the delay in shipments of its new HTC One, the company has decided to revamp its marketing plan, starting with not being ‘Quietly’ Brilliant but going bold.


According to Benjamin Ho, the new chief marketing officer for HTC, the company will be making big changes in the marketing strategy which would begin with bidding farewell to the “Quietly Brilliant” tagline seen in product ads. He claimed that the company had a lot of innovations but hasn’t been loud enough. The new approach would take a bolder stance in the market.

To make a point, the HTC One was being demonstrated to people passing by at the Galaxy S4 launch event. It also launched a high profile twitter campaign which mocked the GS4 as #TheNextBigFlop which was a parody trend to Samsung’s #TheNextBigThing.

As to the delay in the availability of the HTC One, Mr Ho said the insufficient supply of cameras had forced the company to delay shipments. He also intends to assure investors and customers that HTC is going to reclaim its market share in the smartphone industry.