HTC claims Samsung took its Burst Shot mode technology

As if Samsung hasn’t been already facing enough allegations from Apple, with regards to its patents, HTC now claims that the burst mode seen in many Samsung devices is taken from them.


As per reports, HTC claims that Samsung introduced the Burst Shot mode in its phones after HTC initially featured the innovation in the HTC One X and One S. Apparently, it not just Samsung but even other leading companies like Sony and LG went on to add a modified version of Burst Shot in their phones.

The company also claims that Sony even implemented the idea to place the stills and video shutter keys on the same screen, which was initially thought by HTC. This was seen in the recent Sony Xperia Z.

HTC made it clear that they will take ownership of their innovations. They said they won’t hesitate to be aggressive in their future communications. They said they would be trademarking their innovations like UltraPixel, Blinkfeed so that other companies do not get to use their technologies. They also assured that HTC would now market their upcoming products throughout the year.