HTC M8x and D310w get certified in Indonesia

Considering the numerous leaks and rumours in the past few days we know that the successor to the HTC One is coming soon. However two mysterious HTC smartphones were spotted at certification.


According to sources, two unknown HTC smartphones with model numbers M8x and D310w were approved by Postel, which is the Indonesian authority that certifies telecommunications and radio equipment. Interestingly, reports so far suggest that the successor to HTC One has model number M8, indicating that the M8x could be another variant of this device.

Though the authorizing body didn’t reveal any details about either device, it is said that the HTC M8x would be a high end device whereas the D310w would be an entry level smartphone. With the HTC M8 expected to launch in February, we can expect to find out how the M8x is related to the device along with more info on the low end HTC smartphone.