HTC Rhyme: First impressions

HTC Rhyme is a handset that, upon the first gaze might seem sweet but not sexy but as soon you are past pretences, you will realize its built to impress. Let me see – a 3.7-inch LCD, a 1 GHz processor, a body that is created to fit right in your hand, great designing – what’s not to like?


The first thing I would like to say is the Rhyme is that it is definitely designed from a feminine perspective. Well, I would still like to say even men could use it, seriously.

The HTC Rhyme comes with a media centre, because you are fond of your music, aren’t you? Unlike typical HTC phones, it boats of MicroSD support. The accessories are totally kickass, whether it is the headphones or anything really.

The 3.7-inch screen lights up good, while the processor guarantees good speed. The soft-touch coating at the back of the handset isn’t a marketing gimmick surprisingly and works true to its name. The handset is really good to hold. On the downside it makes the phone so slippery that you might end up dropping it
The processor is the highlight of the handset to be precise. It works like a charm. It is really like zip, zip zoom and has the glitz of a great phone at hand. The Rhyme was a good performer when it came to battery life. The camera was so damn good that it really can singlehandedly make you fall for the device.

My only rant about the HTC Rhyme would be the colors it is available in. HTC instead of marketing the handset for its feminity could have easily experimented with the design and made it a must-have for both sexes.