Huawei Emotion 3.0 UI leaks with flatter looks in tow

Huawei has been using its own skin on its Android smartphones dubbed Emotion UI. The Emotion UI has been due for an update and apparently, the company has been working on the same, as screenshots of the Emotion 3.0 UI have leaked.

While there have been flatter interfaces previously, iOS 7 made flat UI design the “it” thing in the mobile industry. The Huawei Emotion 3.0 is all set to come with flatter looks in tow.


The new UI from Huawei brings an overhaul to almost everything. There’re new icons and a cleaner, simpler looking UI. The font seems different and we can expect a host of other changes visually and under the hood. New animations and transitions are said to be in tow and we can see new on-screen navigation buttons, which goes with the flatter look.


We have no news on when Huawei plans to unveil the Emotion 3.0 UI but we can expect a new device to come with it on-board. We also hope Huawei brings the new Emotion update to its recent devices.