iBooks cross 3,50,000 textbook downloads in just 3 days

It seems Apple has embarked on another success story with its iBooks textbooks. More than 3,50,000 textbooks have been downloaded within the first 3 days of availability, even though schools and colleges haven’t even tried it yet.


The reasons behind this are many. Firstly, Apple, like it usually does created hype by announcing the launch at Guggenheim museum in New York. Secondly, There are a lot of free versions of these textbooks up for download and many people excited to know hoe they will fare. Finally, they are, actually, just too good!

While 90,000 free downloads also belong to Apple’s authoring tool – iBooks Author, even the textbooks priced anywhere from free to 14.99$ (Rs. 750) aren’t too expensive. They are in fact, 80 percent cheaper than actual textbooks. It seems Apple’ iBooks effort has gained a few accolades just in the beginning.