Idea Cellular and Nokia announce operator billing for Nokia Store and Nokia Music

Nokia India and Idea Cellular have today announced a tie-up which bring the operator billing facility to millions of Idea users who own a Nokia mobile phone.


The tie-up will go on to make the Nokia Store and Nokia Music service easily accessible to Idea users and let them buy apps, songs and more and charge the amount to either their prepaid or postpaid Idea Cellular account. The service will go live by the end of this week.

Idea users owning a Nokia mobile can download paid apps from the Nokia Store which is currently said to house 120,000 piece of content for Nokia phones and includes games, videos, productivity tools and more.
The other service, Nokia Music will go on to allow Nokia users to legally download songs onto their mobile phones and can choose from over 4.5 million DRM free songs across 16 Indian languages. The Nokia Music Store sees about 1.4 million song downloads a day.
Idea consumers will have three subscriptions options for the Nokia Music Store which are as follows:
  • 7 days for Rs 50
  • 30 days for Rs. 99 and
  • 90 days for Rs. 250

Please note that the above charges are exclusive taxes and also Idea users will have to bear the data charges for downloading the songs or apps from Nokia Music and Nokia Store.