India to spearhead mobile subscriber growth for next two years, says GSMA

A latest study by GSMA has put forth data that 5 billion or more than two-thirds of the global population now uses a mobile serivce. While growth has been slow and the last billion has taken 4 years.


From this 5 billion, the Asia Pacific region accounts for 55% which is more than half the total populace. Understandably, as Asia is occupied by two most densely populated countries in the world, China, and India. These two countries alone combine to amass around 2 billion subscribers. China has more than 1 billion while India has 730 million. Looking at the numbers, we can see there is growth potential in India.

Europe takes the first place among the most highly penetrated countries with 86% exposure. While the North African area is at the lower end of this list, with 44% penetration.

Talking about future potential, the study says by 2020, total subscribers will add another 700 million. That number accounts for three-fourth of the total population on the globe. India is expected to spearhead this growth with 30 percent share.