Indian telecom operators might raise call rates by 10-15%

There might be some bad news upcoming for us all, as Indian telecom operators might be gearing up to hike the call rates. According to reports from various analysts, Indian telecom operators will hike call rates by 10-15%.


The reason for this hike is said to the debt the telecom companies owe to the government for the purchase of the last spectrum sale. The Indian telecom companies are said to be in debt of around Rs 1.10 lakh crore and they plan on hiking the call rates to pay it off.

The companies will be raising the call rates, considering it makes up for the 75% of the revenue in the core telecom sector. Although, the call rates hike might be a few months away. According to analysts, the call rates hike might take another 6 months.

The Indian telecom operators have resorted on keeping discounted call rates to attract more customers but they might have to hike the rates pretty soon if they want to pay off their debts. The companies will also need to increase its call rates over time, if they want more financial stability in the long run.