Instagram finally lets you remove followers from your public account

Now only if Instagram can show us our unfollowers so that we don't have to rely on third-party apps

Back in July this year, we heard of Facebook-owned Instagram testing a feature that would let people remove their followers from their public account. The feature was available to some Android users with public accounts, but now, it has been rolled out widely to both Android as well as iOS users.


Until now, only Instagram users with private account were able to remove their followers. But now, users with public accounts can also remove their followers. We tried removing followers from multiple public accounts – on both Android and iOS – and can confirm that this feature has rolled out to more users. We can also confirm that users with business accounts are also able to remove their followers. That said, we are unsure of when exactly did Instagram roll out this feature to all users.

Removing followers from public account includes the same steps required to remove followers from private account. Just head over to your profile, tap on ‘followers’, and then tap on three-dot vertical button next to the follower you want to remove. After that, you will see a message asking for confirmation on removing that follower. To confirm, just tap on the ‘Remove’ button, and voila, you just removed that follower from your ‘followers’ list. And yes, don’t worry, Instagram won’t tell the followers that they were removed from your followers list.

Before Instagram allowed removal of followers from public accounts, people used to switch their public accounts to private temporarily and then remove the follower. However, this wasn’t an easy option for those who had business accounts, as switching from business account to private account results in loss of analytics data. But that’s no longer an issue now as Instagram users with both public and business accounts can remove their followers.

Are you an Instagram user with public account? Are you able to remove your followers?