Instagram’s Favorites list will soon let you control who sees your posts

Facebook owned Instagram has rolled out quite a few features lately. Well, Instagram will soon roll out one more feature which will give you more control over who can see your posts. This feature is called Favorites and it’s currently being tested by Instagram.


Well, as the name suggests, Favorites is a list of your followers/friends who can see your Instagram photos and videos. With the Favorites list, you can decide who can see your posts and who cannot.

As of now, when it comes to privacy, Instagram offers only two options, one is to keep your account public and the other is to keep it private. If your account is public, whatever you post will be visible to everyone, even to those who don’t follow you. Speaking of private account, your posts are only visible to those who follow you.

Well, having said that, with Favorites, irrespective of your account being public or private, you will get to decide which of your followers can see your posts. Like we said already, Favorites is a list of your friends who can see your posts, and, you can add as much as of friends you want in that list. There’s no limit to it.

Also, whenever you post something, that post will appear with a green badge to your friends which shows that you have added them in your Favorites list. Your Instagram profile will also get a separate Favorites tab which will show all the posts that you have shared with your favorites. This tab will be denoted by a star. Besides, no one will be notified when you add/remove them from your Favorites list. They will only know they are your favorite when they see your post with a green badge. However, they will know that you have removed them from your Favorites list when they see the Favorites tab on your profile empty.

Well, we really appreciate Instagram’s decision to bring in the Favorites list as people will now be less hesitant of posting their photos and videos as they will now have more control over who can see their posts. This should also eliminate the need to keep your account private.

Having said that, this kind of privacy control isn’t anything new. Instagram’s parent company Facebook already offers this kind of privacy controls.

The best version of Instagram is one where you feel closer to the people you are connected to because you’re on Instagram together than you would on any other product in the world. Even if you live all over the world, you feel like you’re with them. That’s something we want to drive as the core focus of the product.said Robby Stein, Product Lead at Instagram.

As we have mentioned already, Instagram is still testing this feature, so it will only appear to a small audience right now. However, we are pretty much sure Instagram will roll it out soon to all the users.

So, what do you think of Instagram’s Favorites list? Think this will help people post more photos and videos on Instagram without worrying about privacy? Well, do sound off with your opinion in the comments down below.