Intel to manufacture the 64 bit ARM chips

While the ARM processor are highly resourceful to companies making budget smartphones, the processors may soon get a boost should reports be true that Intel would manufacture them in near future.


According to sources, Intel is going to provide its high end chip manufacturing to ARM and has been officially confirmed by Intel partner Altera. The Intel chip manufacturing plants called as fabs would be used to work on the 64 bit ARM processors starting from 2014. Being the most technologically advanced and highly equipped, the fabs would ensure high quality ARM chips, which could rival the very best in the industry.

While it is indeed surprising that Intel has opened its arms to its lead competitor, it is only for the betterment of the technological world. While ARM is surprisingly the dominator in the chip industry, Intel is simultaneously working on making its chips better while concurrently letting ARM to use its vacant fabs to manufacture their chips.